Home of the Annual Giant Provolone Cutting

It began as a giant hometown comradery gathering. People attended and watched a giant piece of provolone cheese being cut. The cheese is cut to be eaten as is or with their favorite wine.

big cheese cuttingToday it is an annual local cheese- cutting phenomenon. People gather by the hundreds for a sample and purchase of provolone history in the making. Bagliani’s is a unique food market which thrives on personal attention and one on one customer service since 1959. Since 2007, Bagliani’s ages one of the largest and most exceptional special aged provolone in the country, a true artisanal piece of cheese. It is precisely ordered, delivered, special aged for 1 year, rotated, and hand- checked and cut at approximately the same time each year for perfect quality.

The cheese is sampled and cut to each customer’s specifications. It has become the most exciting event of every year. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures! If you love provolone or any delicious cheese as is or to accompany bread and wine, Bagliani’s is a must! Our provolone is also perfect with our large assortment of dried cured meats, fresh meats, fresh and organic produce, signature subs, our own famous homemade sausage and many other Italian specialties.

Demand is extremely high, especially for our giant provolone, and we have been increasing our orders accordingly. The Annual Cheese Cutting is held every December.

Bagliani’s House Aged Giant Provolone can be shipped nationwide.

*Call store & ask for AJ for all shipping information*

Bagliani’s would like to invite everyone to experience an artisanal piece of cheese unlike any other in the country. People need to enjoy and become a part of this experience, especially in these ever changing times. Every year, the giant provolone cheese cutting has attracted greater crowds: therefore The Big Cheese Cutting is highly anticipated. Check in for this year’s date & time.