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Bellino Bruschetta Toast 10.5 oz.
Bellino Breadsticks 6 oz.
Bagliani’s Sweet Soppressata 9 oz.
Assorted Crackers 9 oz.
Crostini (Italian Crackers) 7 oz.
Cento San Marzano Tomato Bruschetta 10 oz.
Cento Caponata (Eggplant Appetizer) 14 oz.
Bellino Roasted & Marinated Peppers 12 oz.
Cento Marinated Artichokes 6 oz.
Cento Whole Hot Cherry Peppers 16 oz.
Bagliani’s Oil Cured Olives 1/2 pt.
Bagliani’s Dried Suasage 1 pc.
Bagliani’s House Aged Sharp Provolone 1/2 lb.
Bagliani’s House Table Cheese (Provolone & Cheddar) 1/2 lb.
Bagliani’s House Aged Asiago Cheese 1/2 lb.
Prima Donna Cheese 1/2 lb.


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