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Imported Pannetone 1 lb.
Anisette Toast 16 oz.
Bagliani’s Gourment House Blend Coffee 8 oz.
Cedrinca Italian Hard Candies Assorted
Italian Cookies 8.82 oz.
Ferrara Cantuccini (Almond Biscotti) 6 oz.
Ferrara Instant Expresso 3 oz.
Ferrara Petit Baba Rum 21 oz.
Ferrara Dark Chocolate Almonds 5.64 oz.
Ferrara Italian Torrone 3.53 oz.
Ferrara Italian Chocolates 8.5 oz.
Little Gina’s Pizzelle 6 oz.
Nutella Hazelnut Spread 13 oz.
Perugina Baci Chocolates 8 Pc.


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